Joint Press Release

City of Heavener and Poteau, Oklahoma 

Oklahoma Cities Awarded Tony Hawk Grants

Mrs. Lisa Fabian, Executive Director of Nashoba Youth Foundation was notified Mr. Peter Whitley, Programs Director of the Tony Hawk Foundation that the Oklahoma cities of Heavener and Poteau were awarded grants in the amount of $5,000 for skate park construction within their communities. Mr. Whitley stated, “that the application process is a difficult one and very competitive because they are all excellent”. He commented that they were only able to fund fifteen out of all the applications received. He commented that they liked what was going on here in Oklahoma, and the message that Nashoba and Native Skateparks LLC was sending out here in Heavener and Poteau about bringing communities together for youth and also to begin future skate competitions in Oklahoma’s Native America. Mr. Whitley said, they liked everything about the Mrs. Fabian's applications and that the Board of Directors of The Tony Hawk Foundation which consisted of two professional skaters are really excited about helping Heavener and Poteau. Fort Gibson will also recieved $5,000.00 .The money will be used to help bring professionally designed concrete skate parks to Heavener and Poteau.


A Big Thank You To The Tony Hawk Foundation!

We gave away two more Tony Hawk Skate Boards and helmets. Recipients were Hunter Tiffee in the 8th grade and Jose Castillo in the 2nd grade.

 Once again we would like to thank  NSPLLC, Miki and the Tony Hawk Foundation. 


 Native American Themed Skateboards.
Decks from Todd Harder.

Native Skateboard Decks

       Todd Harder, who is the owner of Native Skates, recently donated three Native skateboard decks to NYF.  As you can see one of them has the All Nations Skate Jam on it.  We raffle a deck off on April 4th and the winner was Mrs. Virginia Shelton who has three grandsons that are excited about skateboarding. Todd Harder has the largest collection of Native American skateboards which were part of an exhibition in the American Indian Museum in Washington DC. The themes on his skateboards are Native American, and some of these are his own creations, while others are from Native American artists. He has been collecting them since the 1970’s. In 2004, when he saw that there was a need for Native youth to be able to get affordable skate equipment that they could relate to culturally, he started a skate equipment store called Native Skates.

       We will be taking pictures of the recipients of the skateboards. The pictures will be sent to Todd Harder. They will also be published in the NYF May Newsletter. We would like to give a big Thank you to Mr. Harder for being so kind and for all that he has done and continues to do for the kids.

We need your Help!
Nashoba Youth Foundation,
A non-profit organization for "at risk" YOUTH and Community development.
  The construction of the Skatepark off Broadway in Poteau has begun with the construction of the Nashoba Skatepark and Water park at Heavener to begin soon.
Both parks will have free public access.
Please support our cause. All donations go toward the construction of the Water Park and Skate Parks.
 Donations can be made Directly to Nashoba Youth Foundation at Central National Bank or you may contact Lisa Fabian at (918)839-6306, Mary King (918) 839-9099 between 3:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
Any donations are tax deductible, and deeply appreciated!
                          All donations are tax deductable.